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Like this 29-year-old woman who flipped her lid when a guy cancelled a date on her. And then she went on to the crux of the matter: the fact that the bloke But it turns out that SHE was playing HIM all along. After a torrent of banal abuse, the guy then posted a screenshot of her texts to the Reddit thread R/Tinder where, no doubt, he quickly found solace in being told that he had dodged one almighty bullet. After the texts were posted on the thread, Redditors remembered a previous case where a guy got burned by an equally massive Aggro Santos. In both posts, her photo is shown and there’s a remarkable similarity.

They’d arranged to meet when the guy admitted that he’d actually made alternative plans. After receiving no reply to her initial troll insults, the girl changed tactics, but to no avail. To which, the girl replied: ‘Who gives a sh*t about your bucks? If you were that concerned about your sh*tty team then you woulda brought it up first.

‘I actually already have plans tonight haha I just lied and said that to you to play with your head. ‘Don’t try to tun around what I said on me, you aren’t near attractive enough to be a f***ing d**k….’ and so it goes on.

She is not easily moved by emotional displays and can be curiously detached from her own emotions and those of others.

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According to different sources, it was found out that she obtains 0,000 per movie and k-30k per episode in TV series as her salary.

Bai does not appreciate a jealous, possessive partner.

Bai Ling feels comfortable in an atmosphere that is open and experimental, and she has little taste for convention and tradition.

She states that during her Army days, she was sexually abused by her senior male officer who made her alcohol addiction and eventually led her to spend some time in a mental hospital. Sooner, Ling started appearing in several American TV soaps and movies.

After getting a discharge from a mental hospital, Bai Ling joined People's Art Theater of Chengdu in 1981 and began her professional acting career. Dreaming to took acting career into next level, Bai temporarily moved to New York under visiting scholarship to attend the New York University's film department and eventually obtained a special visa that allowed her to stay in the USA until she became a U. Her performance as a psychological disorder girl in the movie USAactresstelevision personalitymodel American comedian Bill Maher American singer-songwriter New York New York University Lost China Chinese-American actress Red Corner Wild Wild West Hollywood celebrities American pop musician Chris Isak Damon Elliott American music producer Lionel Richie Chengdu Bai Yuxiang Chen Binbin Sichuan University Cultural Revolution programme People's Art Theater of Chengdu Yueqin and Little Tiger Teng Wenji On The Beach U.

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